Windows Xp Professional Version 2002 Sp3 Activation Key

Windows Xp Professional Version 2002 Sp3 Activation KeyWindows Xp Professional Version 2002 Sp3 Activation Key

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For some time (months) I had not been able to log off or turn my PC off. I decided to remove some programs about 2 weeks ago using add/remove programs. I removed some, then tried to remove Search Word or something similar to that. At this stage my PC froze. I tried the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys repeadedly to see if the program had stopped responding but nothing happened. Now I do not know what happened, but suddenly my PC began to log me out, which it did. When I tried to log back in, as Administrator (only user on this PC) it would start to log me in, then immediately start to log me back out again.

When I turned my PC on, it went to the Windows welcome page, where the Administer logs on just by clicking on Administator. But when I did this, I got the message - 'Windows Product Activation'. 'A problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code 0x80090019'. I could not get into the computer at all!! I tried to follow the instructions on the Windows Website to work around this problem and fix it - but I could not even get into the PC to begin.

This entry was posted on 4/30/2018.